Thursday, 24 March 2011

Stone Soup

After a hectic couple of weeks where Creepy Crawlies (at the White Horse Leisure Centre - £3.25 for a few hours of completely manic play for toddlers - thoroughly recommended!) has replaced our usual library trip we're back on schedule. 

Catching up with the reviews, Stone Soup has proved to be something of a winner with Charlotte. It's a traditional old fable, beautifully reworked by Jess Stockham with cute and funny animal character illustrations lovingly drawn and painted. 

Stone Soup tells the tale of a wandering band of tinkers and their rather neat way of scoring a free supper at the expense of villagers they drop in on. Initially cynical and unfriendly, the villagers soon rally round when the tinkers introduce a mysterious soup stone that can provide the most amazing tasting soup. 

Those familiar with the original fable will know what happens next. For the rest of you, I'd definitely suggest picking this book up. There are lots of flip-up pages for toddlers to explore so it should prove as popular as the soup in the story does. 

Charlotte's best bit - The stingy tortoise

Daddy's favourite bit - The mysterious soup stone at the end of the book

Rating - 4 out of 5