Tuesday 10 May 2011

Eeeek, Mouse!

After seeing "Aaargh, Spider!" read out on Cbeebies, we jumped at the chance to read "Eeeek, Mouse!" when we spotted it at the library. Though the books are similar, this mousey tale is excellent mostly because of the rather sneaky 'thought gags' the family's cat adds to the story. 

At first, like good old Grill Pan Eddy, this little nameless mouse is a thorn in the family's side but a little girl befriends the rascally rodent, and takes great pains to protect it from her daddy's crazy schemes of building a better mousetrap to catch the little blighter. 

If you want to know if she succeeds or fails, you'll have to go and read Lydia Monk's cute story (and if you spot any of her other books like "Oo Oo Gorilla", they're excellent fun!) Although very similar to Grill Pan Eddy, I think we preferred this one by a whisker. 

Charlotte's best bit: The mouse house behind the skirting board

Daddy's favourite bit: A cat with a screwdriver = dangerous!

Rating: 5 out of 5