Monday 27 June 2011

I'm me!

Apologies for the sporadic updates to this blog of late but Charlotte has been doing her best impression of a braying walrus. For those parents who have toddlers or youngsters with a chest infection, you'll be only too familiar with the horrible noise kids can make when they cough, and how horrible it sounds over a baby monitor in the middle of the night. 

Thankfully she's coming out of it now and so I remembered that there was one book we didn't review in our last library grab - I'm Me. 

This fun tale of a little girl called Imogen and her imaginative auntie is an excellent jolly little read. Imogen's auntie wonders what her niece would like to be today. A princess? A mermaid? A monkey swinging from a tree? 

Margaret Chamberlain's illustrations are superb and sketchy and make every panel look busy and full of movement. Sarah Sheridan's text is fun and easy to digest for youngsters. It's a girl-centric book I guess, but whatayagonnado!

Charlotte's best bit - Definitely dressing up as a mermaid

Daddy's favourite bit - Yup, I'll agree on the mermaids though Auntie's coconut bra as a monkey was quite stunning too

Rating: 4 out of 5