Friday, 29 July 2011

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

This rather excellent book has such a neat twist at the end! Mr Wolf is a hungry little chap, not too bright but when he tries to enlist the help of his rather nasty neighbours (cameos from other popular nursery rhymes and fairy tales), Mr Wolf perseveres in his quest to make a stack of pancakes. 

Jan Fearnley performs a neat trick here. First she makes the reader feel a fair amount of sympathy for poor Mr Wolf as he tries to work out what ingredients he needs, how to write out a shopping list and finally how to work out how much everything costs. Every time he asks for help, his neighbours rather rudely slam the door in his face. 

Poor Mr Wolf. Readers might sense a touch of "Henny Penny" in the story but ah, Fearnley's next trick is to turn the story on its head. And of course, in true reviewer style I won't spoil the end but it made me laugh and made Charlotte laugh too. 

Charlotte's best bit: Alas, I cannot reveal this. It would spoil the book

Daddy's favourite bit: Again, can't tell you. Go get the book