Friday, 19 August 2011

Who's in the loo?

There's a stage* that most toddlers / preschoolers reach where the funniest jokes in the world revolve around pooing and weeing. If your children have arrived at this stage, then here's a book that will have them rolling around on the floor giggling like lunatics. 

"Who's in the Loo?" by Jeanne Willis and Adrian Reynolds is the tale of a couple of inquisitive children standing in a very long queue for the loo. Who is in there? And why are they taking so long? Cross your legs, wait a while and you'll find out right at the end of the book after first going through a funny rhyming story full of kid-friendly toilet gags. 

*Yes alright I'll admit it, you never really grow out of this stage. 

Charlotte's best bit: "Is it a Wombat who wanted a widdle?"

Daddy's favourite bit: The frozen penguin. Owch. 

Rating: 4 out of 5