Friday, 30 September 2011

Crispin, the Pig who Had it All

Crispin is a bit of a spoilt brat, truth be told. Every week he gets a huge wad of pocket money from his dad, and every christmas and birthday he gets present after present after present. Usually his toys end up folorn and broken, until one Christmas, Santa leaves Crispin a rather unusual present. A huge empty box. 

Upset and annoyed, Crispin goes on a voyage of discovery learning that his imagination and his friends are worth more than a Teddybot 6000 or a PigStation with all the games. 

A fantastic book that serves up a morality tale without shoving it too hard down your throat, Crispin: The Pig who had it all is fantastically written and beautifully illustrated (in fact you could read and re-read this again for all the tiny little details Wilson Gage puts into his beautiful painted panels in this book). 

Deservedly our book of the week and thoroughly recommended. 

Charlotte's best bit - The sad fate of Crispin's box in the rain, aww. 

Daddy's favourite bit - The rather fetching costume Mrs Pig wears to do her aerobics in. Buns of steel!

Rating - 5 out of 5 stars, book of the week