Friday, 2 September 2011

Day of the Diesels - The Movie Story Book and Sticker Activity Book

Our triple-header of Thomas the Tank Engine reviews continues with the Day of the Diesels Movie Story Book. Released by Egmont Books as an accompaniment to the Day of the Diesels DVD / Blu Ray, the book uses stills from the movie and illustrations to weave the tale of Steamies vs Diesels, and how friendships are worth fighting for through thick and thin. 

As with Egmont's other glossy softcover books, this is a fantastic book at an attractive price which is a great addition to any Thomas fan's library. 

Also from Egmont: 

Yep that's right, there's also a sticker activity book to go with the film - chock full of stickers, colouring challenges, puzzle games and lots of glossy backgrounds and illustrations to stick that bumper bunch of stickers on. Nice to see that handy page number guides are given with the sticker sheets (why oh why more publishers don't think to do this is beyond me) though as with most sticker books, a way of liberating the sticker sheets from the book without damaging / ruining it would've been nice (perforated lines on the sticker sheets that go under a book's staples perhaps?)

All in all though, both books are of extremely high quality. 

Here's a couple of Amazon links to both: 

(These items were sent to us for review)