Friday 28 October 2011

Peg Leg

Fulfilling my promise to pick up one or two 'proper reading' books for Charlotte in our weekly library visits, I grabbed Peg Leg from the Reading Corner Phonics series. 

There are seemingly a million and one phonics-based books on the market, and so many to choose from that all seem to use different standards but the Reading Corner Phonics series use simple repetition, easy to understand words and fantastic illustrations to help your child to learn character and word recognition, as well as making them giggle with entertaining tales. 

Peg Leg is a pirate (and what kid doesn't love pirates?) On a hunt to find treasure, Peg Leg press-gangs his cabin boy into digging up a sandy island looking for loot. 

Peg Leg wants cash, but all Peg Leg seems to find is other people's rubbish. Does the wooden-limbed pirate get rich? Find out in this engaging early readers book from a very well established series. 

Charlotte's best bit - The poor cabin boy making Peg Leg angrier and angrier

Daddy's favourite bit - Rather good use of repetition, memorable phrases throughout and of course an engaging subject for kids.

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars