Friday, 9 December 2011

King Ocean's Flute

Every now and again we spy a book in the library that has such an eye-catching cover that it just has to be investigated further. King Ocean's Flute by Lucy Coats and Peter Malone is one such book. Peter Malone's painted illustrations throughout this story are absolutely stunning (and very tasteful, despite frequent nudity, it's worth noting!) 

King Ocean's Flute is the story of a young shepherd who decides to learn the flute after being given one as a gift by his grandfather. At first he is absolutely terrible, and can only make a wailing shriek. But as he travels, and listens to the advice of the birds and other animals, he becomes quite adept on his chosen instrument - so much so that a passing mermaid hears him and decides that he might be the very person to challenge King Ocean - the undersea king and flute maestro. 

The story borders on the surreal but it's so beautifully illustrated and so engaging that you may find it impossible to resist its charms. 

Charlotte's best bit - The puffer fish

Daddy's favourite bit - Malone's various methods of sparing the mermaids their blushes. 

Rating - 5 out of 5 stars