Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mr Bloom is Back!

If you've got toddlers (or tiddlers) it probably can't have failed to catch your attention that Mr Bloom's Nursery is back with a new series on CBeebies. Though this is primarily a children's book blog we're also interested in other forms of communication, and Mr Bloom is one of those rare children's programmes that is broadcast (seemingly) without the agenda of being attached to toy licensing, or with any major message hammered home (other than it's cool to grow things, and it's OK to get dirty while doing it!)

The formula of the show hasn't changed much (and why should it, why try and do what the idiotic production company behind Waybuloo did, and break a formula that works by trying to be clever with it). Ben Faulks (Mr Bloom) is still as energetic and enthusiastic as ever (and it was good to see him get a slice of the limelight with CBeebies' Christmas Panto - Strictly Cinderella). 

Let's hope the series continues to get recommissioned, it's a massive hit with us and judging by the sheer amount of children's birthday cards that fetch up featuring Mr Bloom during the CBeebies Birthday slots, he's massively popular with everyone else too.