Friday 27 January 2012

When Witch's Wands Won't Work

More spookiness, this time in the shape of a couple of witches with a slight problem, their wands no longer work. And what is a witch without magic? Well she's a slightly grumpy and warty old lady with a smelly cat - that's what.

While on holiday, Rattle, Ricket and their cat Rum suffer a luggage malfunction and end up wand-less. In this sequel to "Which Witch's Wand Works" the hapless pair try their best to conjure up their magical powers. Bernatene's tongue-twisting text might cause you to wrestle with your words a wee while, but his artwork is stunning and though the book didn't quite catch Charlotte's eye as much as other Witchy books (she still loves Winnie the Witch best, with Meg and Mog coming a close second), it's still fairly spooky stuff.

Charlotte's best bit: Rum!

Daddy's favourite bit: Rum!

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars