Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spotlight on MyLittleBigTown

MyLittleBigTown is a publisher based in Leeds, UK and this week we're taking a look at one of their books, the fabulously titled "Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator" (try saying that when you're eating a packet of cream crackers!) Before the review goes live I thought I'd delve into what makes MyLittleBigTown tick.

MyLittleBigTown are passionate believers in good quality books and comics covering a wide range of subjects. Founded in 2006 by author and illustrator Calvin Innes (the crazed genius behind the Gorgeous George book illustrations), MyLittleBigTown are an approachable publisher willing to take a look at first-time author's books. As large publishers are a bit daunting for new writers or illustrators, it feels like MyLittleBigTown are doing things differently - perhaps even better.

Using an in-house development team, MyLittleBigTown offers a fairly unique approach to book publishing and can team authors up with illustrators, using high quality paper and materials to publish the finished article. Though we're still working through "Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator" here at ReadItDaddy, it's already evident that it's a nicely put together book that can happily sit on the shelves alongside other bigger publisher's books.

A full review of GGATGGG (no, the acronym doesn't look very nice, I know!) is coming up once we've read through it. It's a meaty tome for a working daddy and a four year old to work through but so far it's getting a very good reception with Charlotte. So you see, it's not just boys who find bogey, fart and poo jokes funny.

We'll be keeping an eye on MyLittleBigTown's output. Definitely a publisher to watch out for in future.

MyLittleBigTown Website and E-store

See below for a promotional video for "Gorgeous George"...