Friday 4 May 2012

Doctor Ted by Andrea Beaty and Pascal Lemaitre (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

So the conversation went something like this...

"Charlotte, what's your book of the we..."

"Doctor Ted! Doctor Ted! DOCTOR TED!"

"But we've already reviewed Doctor Ted last year, and it got Book of the Week then honey, can you choose another boo.."


So here we are, re-reviewing Doctor Ted and re-awarding it the "Book of the Week" award. One of the 'dangers' of getting the same books out of the library again and again is that things like this will happen, disrupting ReadItDaddy's carefully conceived play to review as many different books as possible without repeats (surely you get enough of those on TV as it is without getting them on the internet too :)

Alas, there's no getting round it. What Charlotte says goes on this blog and she absolutely, undoubtedly, irrefutably loves this book. Why? Because Doctor Ted is such an engaging little chap though really he's more than a bit naughty. Stealing curtains to make bandages, telling his mum she has measles (they're freckles!) and of course there's that incident with his head teacher half way through the book that always makes Charlotte cackle with mischievous laughter whenever she sees it.

The book is an absolute delight and it's good to know that there are two further adventures of Doctor Ted out there (I could only find the very expensive hardback ones or the Kindle versions, bah!). Firefighter Ted and Artist Ted. We look forward to reading them both!

Thoroughly recommended (rather loudly and vociferously by Charlotte I might add) and (sigh) yes, an absolutely fitting Book of the Week.

Charlotte's best bit: As mentioned above. Headteacher Bigham gets his comeuppance but kids, really really REALLY do not try that at school!

Daddy's favourite bit: I love Doctor Ted's wry unflappable nature. Basically he is like every single Doctor you'll ever meet, only in miniature form!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Book of the Week (twice!)