Thursday, 17 May 2012

Little Bo Peep's Library Book by Cressida Cowell (Hodder Children's Books)

(Apologies for the blurred book cover pic on this, Amazon are slacking!)

It's always a bit sad when we encounter books in the library that have been mercilessly abused but it's part and parcel of the kid's book section and our local Library staff are absolutely brilliant when it comes to sorting out replacements. Cressida (How to train your Dragon, Emily Brown) Cowell's book "Little Bo Peep's Library Book" comes with its own mini set of books tucked neatly within its pages. Or at least it would if a careless borrower hadn't lost/eaten/disposed of the ones that were supposed to be in our copy.

Nevertheless, even with the mini books missing, this is a cute and funny tale of what happens when Little Bo Peep loses her sheep and seeks answers at her local library (run by the extremely knowledgable Mother Goose).

The best bit of the book is browsing the shelves in each section Bo Peep finds herself in. The titles of the books on the shelves are brilliant and funny, and the whole book is a great spin on the traditional nursery rhymes your children know and love.

It would probably be unfair to give this book a rating with some of the content missing, so we'll just comment on it and leave it at that. Suffice to say that we really want to find an intact copy now!

Charlotte's best bit: The way Bo Peep's sheep are found.

Daddy's favourite bit: A book in the cooking section of the library entitled "Cooking with Fat" by Mrs Sprat.