Thursday, 26 July 2012

Food Chain by M.P. Robertson (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

My lovely other half The Strolling Mum picked this book out of the library stacks. It's always a treat when she comes with us on our library trips (normally she's at work on Library day) as she picks out and suggests a really different set of books to the stuff Charlotte and I usually grab.

"Food Chain" by M.P. Robertson definitely catches the eye with the amazing and zany cover art. The surreality continues inside as we chart the life of an ill treated goldfish. Dumped down the loo by a rather horrible little boy, the goldfish gets swept out to sea and beyond. There the adventure begins as we chart the fish's trip from bowl to loo, loo to sea and sea to...well you'll find out!

Robertson's colourful illustrations are amazing, chock full of detail and with lots of wry little observations about sea life (and our own maltreatment of our oceans).

It feels like a bit of a 'boy' book (if such a thing truly exists) but Charlotte loved it, and most certainly loved its briny setting.

Charlotte's best bit: Sharks!

Daddy's favourite bit: Robertson's superb (and sometimes quite grisly) detailed illustrations

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars