Monday 2 July 2012

"The Hare with the Pearl Earring" introduces children to the artworld with a stroke of genius

Though we predominantly deal with print books here at ReadItDaddy, we're extending our coverage to e-books in all shapes and sizes. Though "The Hare with the Pearl Earring" is available directly through Amazon Kindle and published by KiteReaders (you'll need to obtain it by WhisperNet if you want to get hold of it, and believe me, you will!), it's such an interesting book that it really deserves shouting about.
Julia Dweck's core idea is to introduce children to the intoxicating intricacies of the art world through picture books and anthropomorphised animal characters. Picking famous artists like Van Gogh (or Van Crow as he appears in this book) and Vermeer, and showing off alternative versions of their most famous works will undoubtedly make inquisitive little souls (such as Charlotte) want to seek out the original artists and their works of art.

It's such a genius idea. I really hope that this gets picked up by a publisher and turned into a 'print' picture book (call me an old luddite but there's still nothing like the 'real deal' when it comes to children's picture books). Either that or I hope it makes it over here for the Kindle Fire's launch, because this will be going straight to the top of the download list when it does.

The Hare With The Pearl Earring (on US Amazon Kindle Store)