Friday 6 July 2012

Little Dragon and the Haunted House by Anni Axworthy (Zero To Ten)

Imagine what it would be like to live with a dragon that cried tears of pure gold every time he had a bit of an emotional moment. Judging by the vast pile of loot Little Dragon is sitting on, he must be a bit of a sad chap.

Little Dragon and the Haunted House tells his story, and what happens when he decides to up sticks and move with his family to a haunted house.

After dealing with a horribly slippery estate agent (know the feeling!), Little Dragon finds the perfect abode. The only problem is, the ghosts living there are a wee bit afraid of dragons.

Anni Axworthy's charming little tale seems to have struck a chord with Charlotte and I had to draw the line of having yet another book nominated as 'joint book of the week' (two is bad enough, three would be crazy!) But she loves this, perhaps because like most children she finds ghosts and scary stuff absolutely intoxicating and though this book is about as scary as a wet paper tissue, tiny mites hear 'haunted house' and immediately think of spooky goings on.

Charlotte's best bit: Little Dragon's huge pile of gold coins and treasure

Daddy's favourite bit: Why don't estate agents sell more houses that look like something from The Addams Family?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars