Thursday 16 August 2012

Do you know where your Anorak is?

At ReadItDaddy we're passionate about children's books but we're equally passionate about children's periodicals, magazines and comics. Yes they do exist, no they don't always have to have a nasty cheap plastic gift attached to the cover or be based around TV or merchandising opportunities, and yes they're enjoying a creative 'golden age' similar to children's picture books.

While old stagers like The Dandy are unfortunately succumbing to low distribution figures, there are a lot of new and exciting publications cutting their teeth in a really difficult marketplace.

We've been following the progress of Anorak Magazine for a while on Twitter, and now Charlotte's at an age where she wants a little more substance and creativity than you can find in those instantly disposable 'TV' mags like the CBeebies magazine (which is, to be fair, the best of a fairly mixed bunch), Anorak really floats her boat.

I mean, c'mon, just look at the cover of the summer special above. Look at it! What kid wouldn't love to pick up, buy, and leaf through a magazine as instantly attractive as that?

With activities, stories, absolutely stupendous artwork and great contributors, it's definitely a more engaging read than most of the more commercial products bunging up your local supermarket's magazine shelves.

There's the problem - you see Anorak is available as a mailout subscription, and from a select few local stockists and that's something you can definitely do something about. If you would like your local bookseller or store to sell Anorak, nudge them in the direction of Anorak's Stockists Page and see if they'd like to work with them.

It doesn't begin and end with Anorak magazine either. PLOC is a more meaty publication from this extremely talented bunch, with guest contributors and 64 pages of fun and activities. The 2nd issue with a sports theme, tying neatly in with the Olympics, has just launched and is available via the website or from selected stockists.

Think you can't contain yourself any longer from dashing out and finding your next copy of Anorak or PLOC? Calm down dear, gadget freaks can get a lovely techy slice of Anorak action from the comfort of their own iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch at the end of August. Anorak TV is coming,  and you can watch a trailer for it below. For the measly price of 69p you'll be able to download the Anorak TV app from iTunes and enjoy 20 minutes of superbly entertaining knockabout fun to watch on your favourite device.

Please take a look at what Anorak are doing, and please look beyond those daft plastic toy mags. There's a whole world of engaging, thought provoking alternatives that will make your kids smile and laugh and perhaps even learn.