Monday 13 August 2012

Mrs MacReady Was Ever So Greedy by Julie Fulton and Jona Jung (Maverick Arts Publishing)

Not to be confused with the bus-driving ace mechanic from Balamory, this particular Mrs MacCready loves to eat and lives to eat. Scoffing down plate after plate of gorgeous scrumptious food, she pays no heed to her rapidly expanding waistline until one day the only thing that fits her is a ratty old string vest.

Poor Mrs MacReady!

This fantastic little book from Julie Fulton and Jona Jung is crazy, funny and wonderfully irreverent. Like the other Maverick Arts books we've reviewed, there is a moral message mixed with the excellent rhyming text and colourful illustrations, but don't let that worry you too much. Kids love characters like Mrs MacCready and they particularly love anyone who can get away with scoffing all the things kids are constantly told are bad for them! We've often heard that one children's author or another is "The Next Roald Dahl" but Julie Fulton nails that essential mix of craziness and the macabre so effectively, she deserves that particular plaudit more than most.

Absolutely brilliant, loved every morsel of this one!

Charlotte's best bit: Mrs MacCready eating cherries (with worms still inside! Ew!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Mrs MacCready's interfering neighbours trying to hide her from prying eyes.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars