Friday 10 August 2012

The Bookstart Pre-School Treasure Bag arrives!

All through Charlotte's time at Nursery / Preschool we've received these fantastic Booktrust Bookstart bundles, and every time a new one arrives it's so exciting to delve in and find out what's inside. 

The BookStart "Treasure Bag of Stories" contains a superb set of coloured pencils, a sketch pad, lots of great activities and ideas and of course two absolutely corking good picture books - Peely Wally by Kali Stileman, and "The Smartest Giant in Town" by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (your pack contents may vary but rest assured, whatever you get, it'll be superb!)

The goodies come in a lovely sturdy little bag perfect for children's first books brought home from "Big School" library. 

We've long been champions of the Booktrust Bookstart project, and it's good to know that celebrities such as Jamie Oliver, Colleen Rooney and Michael Rosen back the Booktrust. 

There's a ton of useful information for parents and pledgers on the Bookstrust Website. 

Drop by today and make a pledge, and also sign up for the Bookstart Bear Club to get personalised books and other superb little goodies.