Tuesday 25 September 2012

ABC Doctor: Staying Healthy from A to Z by Harriet Ziefert and Liz Murphy (Blue Apple Books)

In the second of our medical-related ABC books kindly sent to us by Blue Apple Books, we visit the Doctor's Surgery for another funky A to Z.

Of the two books (this and ABC Dentist by the same team), Charlotte preferred ABC Doctor. Possibly because there are a couple of panels that are a teensy weensy bit grim and gross but educational and factual at the same time.

As with ABC Dentist, Liz Murphy's cool little collage-enhanced retro artwork is a brilliant fit for the book. Harriet Ziefert consulted with real life MDs to ensure that all the facts and illustrations aid learning and are a good fit for children who want to know more about what goes on at their local surgery or clinic. It's particularly great if your children absolutely hate visiting the doctor's and want the assurance that they're there to help even when they're sticking a needle in your arm!

Charlotte's best bit: The X-Ray Page. Not really sure what it is about Charlotte and X-Rays, I think she's channeling Rontgen!

Daddy's favourite bit: Again, Liz Murphy's illustrations are top notch and such a good fit for this book.