Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Drawing on the iPad, Charlotte style

Regular visitors to this blog will probably have guessed that Charlotte has a soft spot for monsters. Fat ones, thin ones, hairy ones or scary ones, she loves them. Last night after school we let her have some time on the iPad and she started scribbling in one of the art packages with her fingers. She was drawing...a monster. I watched as she drew the monster first, saying "He's not very happy with the person next to him" - so she drew the outline, then those amazingly expressive eyes, and then finally the 'not happy' mouth. It was a fantastic little scribble, considering how hateful iPads are to draw on.

Then she proceeded to draw the 'person the monster wasn't happy with. "He's a boy" said Charlotte as she scribbled a fairly tidy little figure and the monster reaching out with a rather nasty looking spindly claw.

Sure, to many of you it just looks like childish scribble - but this is the first drawing Charlotte has done where she's described what she's drawing as she draws it, and actually works on the composition, the expressions and the 'story' of the picture to compose something pretty neat.

I love it, she actually said she thinks its one of her best drawings. I don't normally do the gushy parent thing but this impressed me to pieces.