Monday, 17 September 2012

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - The Perfect Present by Fiona Roberton (Hodder Children's Books)

Fiona Roberton's cute characters from "Wanted: The Perfect Pet" make a reappearance. Spot (the duck) and Henry are back for another adventure, only this time Spot is feeling a little forlorn. It's Henry's birthday and amongst the flurry of presents is something that Henry has always wanted - but it's not the whizzy new fishing rod that Spot has bought him.

The mystery present is a puppy - which was what Henry originally wanted for a pet before Spot came along (neatly disguised as a dog, if you remember the original book).

What happens in this tale is a rather cute and superbly written (and illustrated) little moral tale of what happens when friends feel a little left out.

If I'm honest, I think Henry comes across in this book as a bit of a spoilt brat but thankfully he does understand the difference between a pet and a friend. So you will find out what happens when Spot runs away into the night after feeling particularly lost and lonely one night.

Fiona Roberton's simple illustrations are beautiful and perfectly fitting for a book where the language takes over to add real essence and presence to each scene. We're sincerely hoping for more from this duo (now a trio!) as they're great characters destined to become much loved by children of all ages.

Charlotte's best bit: Cute puppy stealing Spot's place on Henry's bed

Daddy's favourite bit: The storm, and the rather nasty denizens of the deep waiting to scoff a poor defenceless duck for dinner.

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