Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"Tell Me The Day Backwards" by Albert Lamb and David McPhail (Candlewick Press)

This is one of those children's picture books that is such a simple idea, but so beautifully executed that it makes you want to cuddle it, hug it and definitely snuggle up under a warm duvet with it. Picked out by The Strolling Mum on our last visit to Abingdon Library, it's such a lovely little book.

"Tell Me The Day Backwards" is a perfect bedtime story of a little restless bear asking his cuddly mummy bear to play their favourite game of reflecting on a busy day in reverse order.

So what do little bears get up to in their busy little lives? You'll have to read the book to properly find out but the story is excellent for leading you into playing the 'tell me the day backwards' game with your own children (this is particularly useful if, like Charlotte, they come home from school and tell you absolutely NOTHING about what they've been up to!)

Charlotte's best bit: She absolutely adored Timmy the Bear. So cute.

Daddy's favourite bit: Like all the most satisfying and memorable children's books, it's such a simple idea that you'll wonder why no one had thought of it before.