Friday, 7 September 2012

The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

The Boss Baby is an absolute hoot and knowingly understands something most parents learn (often the hard way) from day one: Kids come out of the womb genetically hard wired to tell you who is the boss (they are), who gives the orders (they do) and what the consequences will be if you fail in your duties as a parent (severe!)

Boss Baby is a sharp-suited little guy, a harsh task master who takes absolutely no rubbish from his employees (AKA mummy and daddy) and soon starts ruling the roost at home. Important meetings on the absence of mashed peas from the weaning menu, the frequency of milk delivery and silence during nappy changes are the sort of things Boss Baby demands - but is he as harsh as he seems?

Marla Frazee's book is deliciously witty and observant and it took quite a while to convince Charlotte that she was as much of a bossy baby (and is still a pretty bossy girl all told) as Boss Baby is. But hey, we know our place, The Strolling Mum and I and as dutiful employees we will continue tugging our forelocks (or in my case, my non existent forelock) and get on with our work before Boss Charlotte fires us for breach of contract.

Charlotte's best bit: Boss Baby playing the "night time stay awake" game (oh how familiar that game was and sometimes still is)

Daddy's favourite bit: Frazee's lovely retro and clean art style but sharp as a pin. Love it.