Monday 22 October 2012

Anisha's Adventures in Bangladesh by Moinul Islam and Calvin Innes (MyLittleBigTown Publishing)

Ugh, our profuse apologies for being off the grid for a couple of days. We've all been coughing and sniffling for most of the week and weekend, so we were unable to bring this "Book of the Week" to you as planned last Friday. But it's a cracker, so read on...

Every now and again we come across a book idea at ReadItDaddy that is so inspirational and so cleverly done you could almost hug it with glee. MyLittleBigTown Publishing recently sent us several of their latest titles to review, and "Anisha's Adventures in Bangladesh" was the one that caught Charlotte's eye straight away.

Authors and Illustrators are always looking for new and innovative ways to help children absorb a book's message, or to help the learning process without a book feeling like a dry reference text. So what better way to teach a child about other cultures, languages and countries than making the hero of your story a little girl they can easily identify with.

Anisha is curious, full of adventure and with a little help from her loving grandparents and a pinch of magic, Anisha - along with her magical pony friend and a fantastic camera that can give detailed descriptions of objects along with beautiful photos, sets off on a journey of discovery and delight.

Anisha can now travel anywhere in the world so she decides to visit Bangladesh, a country full of interesting historical architectures, fabulous flora and fauna, and a vibrant culture completely different and absorbing.

Anisha's journey of discovery is as fantastic as a child's reaction to the book. At an age where Charlotte is soaking up every scrap of knowledge like a hungry sponge, having the chance to learn about a country and culture that is completely different to her own is intriguing and inspiring, and triggered us to take a look at where Bangladesh is on the world map, what the weather is normally like and other facts and figures not covered by Anisha's first (and hopefully not last) adventure out in the big wide world.

Thoughtfully written, beautifully illustrated (it's nice to see that Calvin Innes can draw stuff other than bogies and bugs, YAY!) and an extremely clever way of delivering a fabulous learning journey. Fantastic!

Charlotte's best bit: Anisha's fantastic magical pony who can travel to any country in the world

Daddy's favourite bit: Anisha's fact-finding camera. Such a clever idea wonderfully executed.

A ReadItDaddy Book of the Week

(Kindly supplied for review by MyLittleBigTown Publishing)