Wednesday 10 October 2012

"Garbage! Monster! Burp!" by Tom Watson (Tom Watson / Kindle)

There are some really naff 'free' books on Amazon's Kindle Bookstore, and it's even harder to find Children's Books that work in e-reader format. Tom Watson's "Garbage! Monster! Burp!" bucks the trend nicely with a book that not only features charming illustrations (that reminded me of Fuzzy Felt for some reason), but packs a wallop of a message about rubbish, recycling and taking advantage of others.

A successful town thrives on the top of a hill but relies on a friendly well-meaning garbage-eating monster to dispose of the vast mountains of rubbish produced every day.

The monster quite happily scoffs all the garbage, but as the town grows, the poor monster finds itself (quite literally) stretched to capacity until one day he can't manage to eat any more.

The mayor (like all political figures) has absolutely no sympathy for the poor monster and tells him to tuck in or get out. Thankfully the monster has some rather sweet allies who see exactly what the problem is, and step in to help.

It's a wonderful freebie for those of you who are dipping a toe in the water of buying an e-reader (the new Kindle Fire HD is definitely looking like the perfect thing to read great little books like Garbage! Monster! Burp! on) or even picking up a tablet (bookstores and Kindle are available for just about everything, even Apple products.

Nice work Tom, hope we get to see more from you very soon!

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Charlotte's best bit: The monster burping on the mayor!

Daddy's favourite bit: A weighty eco-message not rammed down your throat, but delivered in a fun, charming and amusing way.