Monday, 15 October 2012

George's Invisible Watch by David and Brett McKee (

A new David McKee book is always something to shout about. A new Brett and David McKee book (Father and Son) is even better, as the two work so well together that you can barely see the join. "George's Invisible Watch" has all those wonderful characters in it that you expect from anything David McKee gets involved in. The hero, a young lad named George, becomes the town's preferred timekeeper when he's found to have an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what time it is.

At first his friends and parents scoff at his ability, but time and time again he's proved right so people begin to actually believe that he really does wear an invisible (and highly accurate) timepiece.

Of course, McKee's books are renowned for containing a rather neat little moral tale woven tightly into the plot, and the moral of this story is a lesson in what happens when you take something (or someone) for granted.

George is an endearing character (despite actually being fairly naughty at the end!) and I just can't get enough of McKee Senior's drawings. So great to see he's still producing such brilliant stuff for kids, generations on from Mr Benn.

Charlotte's best bit: The idea of an extra-long playtime.

Daddy's favourite bit: David McKee's various cool and colourful character drawings are so utterly brilliant (and the barking dog page split thing is just awesome).