Wednesday 31 October 2012

ReadItDaddy Halloween Horror Double Feature Part 2. "The Elephantom" by Ross Collins (Templar Publishing)

Here's the second part of our dark and ghoulish Horror Double Feature for Halloween and once again we take a look at another one of Ross Collins' creepy and ghostly creations.

When a young child discovers she's being haunted by a rather rude, rather large and rather mischievous ghostly elephant, the poor girl soon finds out that having an Elephantom kicking around the house isn't as great as it sounds.

Entire jars of peanut butter go missing. Chaos ensues, and the poor girl turns to her grandmother in desperation to see if she has any advice.

Granny is no fool and soon recommends the services of a certain mystical gent working in a fantastic shop called "Spectral and Sons". Will the girl ever be rid of her unwanted elephantine house guest?

"The Elephantom" is beautifully observed, funny and ghoulish and entertains without being too scary for more timid children who don't particularly like their bedtime spooky stuff too dark or too unnerving.

Charlotte's best bit: DOCTOR WHO!!! Look it's Doctor Who, Daddy. What's Doctor Who doing in there? ("Spectral and Sons" has a rather fetching Police Public Call Box on its shelves).

Daddy's favourite bit: Here's something fairly subtle and something that made me smile. The expression on the Elephantom's face. He knows he's a bit naughty, he knows he can get away with it. All the way through the book you see him carrying on without a care until....aha! Spoilers, sweetie, spoilers!