Monday, 22 October 2012

Simms Taback's Dinosaurs by Simms Taback (Blue Apple Books)

Our most excellent friends at PGUK / Blue Apple Books have sent us a rather fantastic and eye-catching book to take a look at. Simms Taback is a name I've not come across before, but it's easy to see why his graphic design skills and children's books are much sought after. Sadly, Simms Taback died in 2011 but some of his best loved books are being reprinted and re-released, along with some new books not previously released.

Bold, colourful illustrations are stock in trade of Simms Taback's works, and in this fantastic fold-out Dinosaur book, dinosaur-obsessed children (like Charlotte, who admits to loving the Pterodactyl and Triceratops the most) can guess which dinosaur is slowly being revealed as each massive page unfolds into a giant-sized dinosaur picture.

It's sad to think that such a talented individual is no longer with us, but his ideas and his books will most definitely find a whole new appreciative audience. Keeping things child-friendly without piling on tons and tons of text and factual information, 'Dinosaurs' is a great book for kids who are just beginning to learn about our lumbering prehistoric ancestors.

Charlotte's best bit: "Triceratops looks cute!"

Daddy's favourite bit: Love the idea of the fold-outs. Not sure how long they would last with a less careful child but a brilliant idea for a small format book to extend out like this.

(Kindly supplied by PGUK / Blue Apple Books for Review)