Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Froobles - Fun things to make and do by Ella Davies (Top That! Publishing)

The Froobles are quickly becoming megastars as part of Top That! Publishing's flagship range of books, activities and apps for young children. It's easy to see why they are so popular, there's a character there for just about everyone (Personally I think Little Jack Potato is great but very naughty, while Charlotte absolutely loves Sienna Strawberry because she loves to dance and wears a ballet dress!) and they're going from strength to strength with new merchandise, new characters and new books coming very soon (more news on those new characters through this link).

Back to the Froobles Fun Things to Make and Do Book, which was kindly supplied by the fab folk at Top That! The gang are ready for a huge selection of activities, makes and recipes in this fun and attractive book. Making everything from cool paper aeroplanes, butterfly prints, chocolate crispy cakes and even a selection of naughty Jack Potato's best japes to play on family and friends, it's packed to the gills with interesting things to do on rainy or sunny days.

Best of all, there are tons and tons of stickers at the back of the book that can be used for some of the activities, or just to decorate your own stuff at home (Charlotte has proudly stuck Sienna Strawberry on one of her favourite toy cars). I don't think I've ever met a child that doesn't love stickers, so they're a great addition to the book.

If you're already familiar with The Froobles then you'll love this activity book. If not, definitely check out the Froobles Website and meet the gang!

Charlotte's best bit: Butterfly printing and Sienna Strawberry!

Daddy's favourite bit: Those groovy cress heads!