Wednesday 3 October 2012

Usborne "Look Inside: Your Body" by Louie Stowell and Kate Leake (Usborne Publishing)

As kids get more inquisitive, they become fascinated by things we take for granted - like how the marvellous machine that is our body works. Charlotte seems drawn to all matters medical so when we spotted this book in Mostly Books, we thought it'd be a great little reference for her and a resource to trigger those many many "why" questions we get on a daily basis.

Usborne's "Look Inside: Your Body" is a lift-the-flap book but don't be put off by that, this is no baby book - in fact with over 100 flaps to lift, and sometimes some extremely well hidden ones, this book will keep your youngsters entertained for hours.

Kate Leake's bright and bold illustrations and engaging use of flaps turns a learning experience into a fun experience. Presentation throughout is absolutely top notch, in fact it's now got us taking a look at the other Usborne "Look Inside" books to see what else they do (the answer, everything from cars to castles, from space to sports).

A superb high-quality book that can help answer some of those awkward (and rather unsavoury) questions you probably field as a parent ("Why do we need to poo, mummy? Why do your feet smell daddy?"). Thoroughly recommended.

Charlotte's best bit: Finding flaps within flaps within flaps, and learning about bones and skeletons

Daddy's favourite bit: A book that proves you don't need a fancy tablet or app to make learning about the body massive amounts of fun.