Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Angel's Great Escape: A Christmas Story (And So We Begin) - iPad Version tested

Thanks to And So We Begin, we've had a chance to take a closer look at their fabulous new story app "Angel's Great Escape: A Christmas Story" on iPad (there's also a version for Android tablets / Kindle Fire).

More and more parents are switching on to the power of modern tablet PCs and their capabilities. As prices drop, they're really becoming a viable platform to offer additional features and goodies that books can't. Even though we're fairly luddite when it comes to books, stories like 'Angel's Great Escape' are great examples of interactive story apps that show some publishers and developers are more than ready to show us just what modern tablets can do.

With the dulcet tones of Alan Titchmarsh to read the story, 'Angel's Great Escape' tells the festive tale of some unwanted christmas decorations, doomed to be thrown away by a very mean pair of humbug-scoffers (and their rather nasty little moggy!)

The decorations hatch a plan. They want to live with a loving caring family who will put them on their tree and display them proudly. It's time to escape!

As the snow crunches underfoot, Angel and her friends bravely venture out on a journey to find a new home. Unfortunately, the nasty scratchy moggy is in hot pursuit!

We'll let you discover the rest of the story yourself. We thought it was a marvellous little tale with great artwork and high production values. It looks like 'And So We Begin' are app developers to watch closely if their debut is any indication of the quality to expect from them in future.

Charlotte's best bit: Without a doubt, she adores Angel. "She's me!"

Daddy's favourite bit: Nice mix of touchable illustrations to add more interaction to the story, great characters and Alan Titchmarsh of course! What's not to love!

iPad Version (on iTunes)

Android Version (on the Google Store)

(kindly supplied for review by Kirstie Rowson / And So We Begin)