Friday, 23 November 2012

Book of the Week - Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen and Kevin Hawkes (Walker Books)

Our local library, Abingdon Library, is wonderful and they have a great Twitter feed if you fancy following it. Thankfully there's only one lion in there though, and he's a nice (slightly grubby) cuddly lion that likes to join in with the story time and singalong sessions.

A bit like Library Lion, the subject of our book of the week. Wandering in one morning to have a mooch around, Library Lion alarms the regular library goers. Mr McBee, the library assistant, is not impressed but the Head Librarian allows the lion to stay as long as he doesn't break the rules. No roaring and absolutely NO running.

Library Lion soon begins to enjoy his new surroundings and even takes to helping out. He's a whizz at the dusting with his fluffy-ended tail. He's great at putting books away, and he's a very useful cushion and backrest in the children's story corner.

Alas one day, Library Lion breaks the rules and knows what he must do. Leave the library forever!

Everyone begins to miss him, it's just not the same without their favourite cuddly cushion and helper-outer!

What happens next? Of course you'll have to read the book (or better still, borrow it from our library then read it like we did!) but you'll soon find out that sometimes rules are made to be broken.

A delicious discovery and a great story with some brilliant retro-style children's picture book art from Kevin Hawkes.

Charlotte's best bit: Lion roaring at Mr McBee

Daddy's favourite bit: A gentle almost old fashioned (but in a very good way) children's book that celebrates how great libraries are and - of course - how great lions are!