Thursday, November 22, 2012

Maggie and Rose: This Book is Totally Christmassy! By Maggie Bolger (Walker Books)

We like our christmas 'make' books big, bold, brassy and most importantly BUSY! That's exactly what the excellent Maggie and Rose "This Book is Totally Christmassy!" book is like. Crammed to the gills with brilliant ideas so when we spotted this at Abingdon Library it was a must-borrow!

Set out with story panels nestling in amongst the (slightly chaotic) makes, Maggie and Rose and their creative gang of friends dig into their bits boxes to come up with some cracking christmas makes ranging from simple christmassy decorations, through to some scrumptious recipes and special handmade gifts to give to someone special.

The "Maggie and Rose" range also includes great books like "This Book Is Totally Rubbish" (which is actually about recycling!) and also "This Book Totally Makes Things Grow" which will give your green-fingered busy little bees plenty to do in the garden (when the weather is better, hopefully!)

Chock full of secret tips, great ideas and just enough mayhem to keep things interesting, it's smarter than your average make book. We love it!

Charlotte's best bit: The cool christmas stocking hanger thing.

Daddy's favourite bit: Naturally I'm going to have to say the scrummy recipes of course, particularly those christmassy cookies.

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