Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Carry Along Christmas / Angel Activity Books by

Christmas is coming! You've probably noticed that, right? Here at ReadItDaddy we've been trying to subversively give you a few christmas book ideas so when the Carry Along Christmas / Angel books arrived from Lion Publishing, we decided it was time to dive in and start making things!

First, Charlotte exercised her culinary skills with these brilliant Rudolf Nose Truffles (from the Christmas Activity Book) - along with her Grandma...

Of course, Charlotte doesn't really need much of an excuse to get covered in chocolate. The reindeer noses are quite easy to make and quite easy to make disappear too (I managed to snaffle one when no one was looking - this is a daddy thing, obviously!)

As you can see, this is a very satisfied chef really throwing herself into her work! This is a photo that was taken once we managed to scrape all the chocolate off her chops!

Next we thought we'd check out some of the Christmassy makes in the Carry Along Angel Book...

The Strolling Mum dug out all our crafting materials and we decided to make the Angel Cards - which again are nice and easy to make with great results. Not too sure about some of the sizes in the book (10cm seemed really tiny for the cards) but it's fairly easy to scale them up and use the core ideas in the book to create your own festive versions.

On a cold wet Sunday, this was the perfect antidote. A great christmas craft-a-long with really cool results!

The "Carry Along Christmas / Angel" books contain all the instructions and a whole bunch of brilliant stickers, templates and ideas to keep your youngsters occupied for hours. Quite surprised to see a separate 'Angel' book aimed at girls, but once you dip inside the book itself, the crafting ideas are great for girls or boys so don't be put off by the pink cover.

I rather liked the idea that the books had their own integrated handle. If your children are off to visit grandparents or family this christmas, the books are great to take along. There's a real range of activities from simple puzzles and games to more complicated (and very clever) makes. Very stimulating and above all, really good fun.

Charlotte's best bit: Making her own angel card (oh, and of course licking the spoon while making the reindeer noses!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Sneakily stealing a reindeer nose (the biggest one) when no one was looking. Yum!

(Kindly supplied for review by Lion Publishing PLC)