Friday 30 November 2012

ReadItDaddy previews "Tabitha Posy was Ever So Nosy" by Julie Fulton and Jona Jung (Maverick Books)

There's a mighty fine line between being inquisitive and being downright snoopy and in the sleepy town of Hamilton Shady (which, you may recall, is only just recovering from an incredible exploding woman!), young Tabitha Posy regularly crosses that line again and again.

At home she's a pest, at school she's a fidget and when teacher decides to take the class on a trip to the zoo, Tabitha's curiosity gets the better of her and she ends up in a rather sticky (and slimy) predicament.

We're so pleased to see another in Julie Fulton's "Ever So" series, and so happy to be back in the crazy town of Hamilton Shady with another bold and brash children's picture book character. Jona Jung's fabulous colourful artwork is brilliant (we particularly loved the little snail who crops up from time to time to pass comment on what's going on in the bigger picture - oh and the sad looking bear standing next to the 'do not feed' sign!)

It's the rhyming sing-song text that makes this a huge amount of fun though. Tabitha Posy learns a valuable lesson or two along the way and you'll have to wait until February 2013 to find out if she comes to a rather explosive sticky end like Mrs Macready. Suffice to say that this is more brilliance from Fulton and Jung, and we can't wait to see how the book is received when it arrives on the shelves.

Charlotte's best bit: The sad forlorn looking bear at the zoo. Someone at least throw him a bun!

Daddy's favourite bit: The poor poor folk of Hamilton Shady. Property prices must be dipping there by now! What on earth are they going to have to put up with next?

(We were given the opportunity to look at a preview version of the book not the final product, hence we may review this properly when it arrives in print)