Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Alphabet Friends and their Animals by Sue Pavey (Austin and Macauley Publishing)

Here at ReadItDaddy, we have seen a lot of alphabet books and often they follow a fairly rigid format. The most common seem to be alphabet books based around animals (though it's always fun to see what people are going to do with X!) but Sue Pavey's "Alphabet Friends" is designed to be a series that introduces a diverse gang of characters that each represent a letter, and have fun exploring their wordy world.

We're taking a look at "The Alphabet Friends and their Animals". Having gone through the book (in PDF form) myself, and then taking Charlotte through it, I could pretty much guess straight away she was going to fall completely in love with Daisy (the Letter 'D' girl, naturally) and her frog.

Charlotte's busily working her way through sounding out and phonics work at school and at home, so Sue's book was great for her. She enjoyed reading out the nice bold clear text (and of course giggled at some of the funnier animal antics!) and the illustrations are nice, plain, simple and unfussy - absolutely perfect for children who are just beginning to recognise letters and words.

Read out loud, the book gives me the opportunity to put on as many daft voices as I can muster (do you do this with your children when you read aloud to them? If not, why not!)

All in all a rather pleasing and satisfying little alphabet book. You can grab "The Alphabet Friends and their Animals" from the following links:



WH Smith

Charlotte's best bit: Kiki has a little ant :)

Daddy's favourite bit: Harry's gerbil is very fat!