Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Jelly that Wouldn't Wobble by Angela Mitchell and Sarah Horne (Maverick Books)

Ahhhh jelly! It's fruity, it's fun and it's wobbly. Or at least it's supposed to be so imagine Princess Lolly's dismay when on her 89th birthday, her favourite food is presented with not a quiver, not a shake, nor a wobble in sight.

Quite understandably, Princess Lolly is not impressed so calls for her head chef to explain himself. But the jelly is a master of self preservation and begins to explain precisely why it's better not to wobble if you're a jelly and you want to be around in time for the princess's 90th!

Various characters pitch in to help the jelly get back its wobble, but it takes a tiny child to point out the best way to get the quiver back.

This fun and amusing tale is brilliantly told and illustrated, and Princess Lolly (though 89) is very reminiscent of a temper-tantrum toddler on a sugar rush high.

Top quality from Angela and Sarah. What's your favourite flavour of jelly? Let us know below!

Charlotte's best bit: Awww, feeling actually quite sorry for the jelly! (favourite jelly flavour: Raspberry)

Daddy's favourite bit: Loved Princess Lolly's tantrums! Not a lady to argue with, just like a certain other jelly-obsessed person I could mention! (favourite jelly flavour: I can't eat it, it's made of really bad things!)

(Kindly sent to us for review by the rather splendid moustachioed Giles Paley-Phillips at Maverick Books)