Friday, November 16, 2012

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - The Tobermory Cat by Debi Gliori (Birlinn Ltd)

At ReadItDaddy we wanted to make sure we reviewed Debi Gliori's wonderful book, and steered away from producing a piece that just regurgitated the controversy surrounding it. You can read more on that on Debi's excellent blog.

The Tobermory Cat is set in the wild scottish highlands, where once a multitude of cats roamed free and still do, in fact. Cats that can sing, cats that can fish, cats that are incredibly cat-like and just sit around all day casting a critical and slightly grumpy eye over everything. But the town of Tobermory doesn't have its own special kind of cat and soon the townspeople realise that it's beginning to affect their livelihoods. 

Tobermory's cats just aren't interested in singing, they hate the sea, and they really aren't that grumpy so what can the townsfolk do when a gorgeous ginger tom steps forward and offers to save the town? 

Debi Gliori's books are always a treat for the ears (if you have them read to you) and for the eyes. 

We loved the intricacy of Debi's illustrations, and the tale that deftly weaves a rich tapestry - a life lesson on just being yourself. 

We've never visited the Scottish Highlands but we'd love to go one day, just to see if we can spot the marvellous marmalade moggy ourselves. 

Charlotte's best bit: "Daddy, Tobermory really does look a lot like Balamory but there's no pink castle!"

Daddy's favourite bit: A gentle tale that seems a million miles away from the maelstrom of trolls, internet debates and bullying that unfortunately surrounded it. Distanced from all that, this is an absolutely beautifully presented book, and reinforces Debi's place in Children's books as a real national treasure.

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Sally said...

Great review! I have my copy on order.