Friday, November 16, 2012

Puppy's First Christmas by Steve Smallman and Alison Edgeson (Little Tiger Press)

Oh my, there are only 35 sleeps to go until Christmas and by now, your busy little bees (just like Charlotte) must be hopping from foot to foot with excitement.

A bit like the little fellow in this book, a cute and cuddly puppy who wants to know why his household has suddenly gone completely crazy! There's a tree in the lounge, stockings are hanging from the fireplace and everyone's rushing around in a mad dash with no time to play with busy little puppies. Fortunately, Puppy's friend - the very wise and very laconic cat is on hand to offer advice and tell Pup what's really going on.

In "Puppy's First Christmas" Steve Smallman tells a cuddly yuletide tale that warms the cockles just as nicely as a glass of mulled wine. Little pup is such an inquisitive and energetic chap that you can't help but catch his enthusiasm. Alison Edgson (who we're beginning to believe has 8 arms and holds a paintbrush in each one, she is SO busy!) paints such beautiful christmassy scenes too.

The book has lovely touchable panels that are as warm and fuzzy as the book itself, so younger children will love exploring each page and panel to see which bits are textured.

Charlotte's best bit: Cat and Puppy stealing christmas food! Naughty!

Daddy's favourite bit: Lovely fuzzy touchable panels, a perfect book for babies and toddlers as well as children Charlotte's age.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Little Tiger Press)

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