Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Homer the Library Cat by Reeve Lindbergh and Anne Wilsdorf (Walker Books)

Libraries rock! Cats rock! Put them together and you've got a lovely snuggly little tale of a cat who loves peace and quiet. He lives with a very quiet lady, in a very quiet house, in a very quiet part of town.

Purely by accident, the snoozy Homer finds himself propelled through the window one day into the clattering noise of the rubbish bins.

Homer can't get back into the house so he wanders the neighbourhood looking for a lovely quiet place to curl up and snooze in.

The fire station perhaps? Not a great idea.

The train yard? Oh no, far too much busy activity going on.

Homer finds himself in a beautiful building where you can hear a pin drop and realises it's a library. Better still, he finds a very special person in there - someone else who likes peace and quiet.

Such a lovely little book and one that reminds us that those tiny all too fleeting moments of peace and quiet are to be savoured and treasured - just like those hours spent book-gazing in the library!

Charlotte's best bit: Story time in Homer's library is just like story time in ours! Yay!

Daddy's favourite bit: Two of our favourite things combined, how could we not love this?