Monday, 10 December 2012

Secret Agent Splat by Rob Scotton (HarperCollins Children's Books)

We originally discovered Splat the Cat through the excellent Booktrust "Bookstart" programme. Splat the Cat was one of Charlotte's free books and we reviewed it way back in the mists of time (good grief, I think I needed a proofreader back then, who the heck was Gerald the Mouse?!?)

We've loved Rob Scotton's books ever since and have faithfully tuned in to each new Splat episode with glee.

So what's our favourite wiry-haired moggy up to this time? When Splat's collection of ducks starts to mysteriously go missing, Splat emulates his favourite TV hero and turns into Secret Agent Splat. Aided and abetted by the mysterious 'S' (or as we've come to know him, SEYMOUR not Gerald - with his rather fantastic black-olive nose!) Splat decides to lay a trap for the mysterious duck thief.

A photograph is taken of the thief's ear which gives a few clues but it takes a rather nerve-jangling confrontation before Splat finds out the real reason for the missing ducks...

You'll have to read the book to solve the mystery yourself. Rob Scotton is back on form with a brilliant Splat book that is full of fun and absolutely gorgeous illustrations (how DOES Rob get Splat's fur looking so durned brilliant!? I've tried and tried and tried to draw fur like that to no avail!)

One puzzling mystery. Splat sprouted a sister (In Merry Christmas Splat!) and now has an older brother who seems to have mysteriously appeared!

Charlotte's best bit: Splat's super duper secret weapon. POW! And of course Seymour's new friend (is so cute!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Rob Scotton's brilliant illustrations, oh and of course the chance to do a squeaky brummy accent for Splat all over again. Hooray!