Tuesday 4 December 2012

Spotlight on Duck Duck Moose - a fab collection of apps and learning resources for children

Duck Duck Moose recently got in touch with us at ReadItDaddy to tell us all about their cool activity workbooks for young children. Based in the US, DuckDuckMoose produce fantastic printable resources as well as attractively priced children's apps for iOS.

Duck Duck Moose store on iTunes (iPhone and iPad apps)

We've been taking a look at the Duck Duck Moose Workbook and it's chock full of great little exercises, lots of colouring and meerkats (without russian accents, we are happy to observe!)

The Duck Duck Moose Workbook

Duck Duck Moose Worksheets were developed in conjunction with Jennifer De Brienza, a NYC Public School Teacher and PhD from Stanford Edu.

More fun and activities can be found on the eye-catching Duck Duck Moose Website.