Friday, 14 December 2012

The Grump by Sarah Garson (Andersen Children's Books)

Just who is 'The Grump'? Who is this slothful messy character who leaves a trail of destruction in their wake, consumes anything palatable from the fridge, messes up the bathroom and snores loudly under the duvet while everyone else in the house is up and around?

I'm sure most of you can probably guess the end of the story, but for those who can't, this is a great page-turner that leads us to the final confrontation with the terrible Grump - revealing its identity and causing certain members of the family to say "OI! That's a bit unfair, I'm not the only grumpy one around here y'know!"

Sarah Garson's book is great as it ratchets up the tension and leads the reader on a merry trail of devastation around a normal household. Great illustrations too, very 'Going on a Bear Hunt' but more 'Going on a Grump Hunt' instead.

Charlotte's best bit: Who cleared all the goodies out of the fridge?

Daddy's favourite bit: This book is SO unfair :)