Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Totally Terrifying Three by Hiawyn Oram and David Melling (Hodder Children's Books)

We're fast becoming fans of local boy David Melling's work. He's an absolute gentleman on Twitter, and here working with Hiawyn Oram, he has produced some lovely mythical creatures and beautifully coloured ink drawings for "The Totally Terrifying Three".

Three mythical monsters truly believe they're the scariest thing in the land. There's a warty witch who thinks her face could launch a thousand airline sick bags, and her spells could chill you to your very bones. There's a dragon who breathes fire and roars and there's a clumsy lanky giant who rides around in a rather cute car (and a very snazzy suit!)

When the three meet a little toddler who is not in the least bit scared of them, they're forced to re-evaluate their ferocity. Are they really as scary as they think they are? Or are they actually fantastic fun to play with?

It's a fantastic journey through the eyes of a toddler, but even for older children there's a great deal to love about this book. We'll definitely be looking out for more by Hiawyn Oram, and it goes without saying we'll still continue tracking down all David Melling's books until we catch up with a certain other children's book blogger :)

Charlotte's best bit: The witch was her favourite, and she'd love to zoom around on that broom!

Daddy's favourite bit: Where does the giant get his wonderful clothes! So sharp!