Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Small Surprise by Louise Yates (Red Fox Picture Books)

Being small can be annoying sometimes. People barge you out of the way, you always struggle to find clothes in the petite section - and even the simplest action like tying your own shoelaces can be a bit of a pain.

Thankfully there are also lots of advantages to being small, as the delightful little rabbit in Louise Yates' book "A Small Surprise" expertly demonstrates.

You can hide practically anywhere. You can fly through the air with the greatest of ease, and you can win the love and respect of animals that could probably swallow you whole without needing a glass of water to wash you down. The terrifying crocodile, the powerful gorilla and the ginormous giraffe!

What we love most about this book is the flow. The story effortlessly sails from page to page as the tiny rabbit dashes around with such frenetic energy that you'll feel worn out by the end of the book. Normally we're not great fans of the slightly disjointed text formats this book has, but Louise seems to have a knack of making a book feel like an enjoyable journey, so when we get to the (rather funny and cheeky) conclusion, we feel like flicking back to the start and beginning all over again!

Wonderful and effortlessly charming. Look out for it!

Charlotte's best bit: Rabbit being swallowed whole. That's a really cool trick!

Daddy's favourite bit: Rabbit's final hiding place. Eeek!