Thursday, 31 January 2013

Billy Monster's Daymare by Alan Durant and Ross Collins (OUP Oxford)

In the deep dark wood, just as the sun starts to rise in the sky, Billy Monster is settling down for a well earned sleep. But Billy Monster is scared. Scared that something's lurking in the bedroom cupboard!

Flipping the world neatly on its head, Alan Durant and Ross Collins conjure up a tale that may feel a little familiar to fans of Monsters Inc - but manages to be charming and funny enough to stand on its own two hairy monster feet.

Poor Billy just cannot snooze while light streams in through the curtains, and every single noise from outside sounds like a horde of the most feared beasts ever to stalk the planet - CHILDREN!

There are so many great little touches in this book that we enjoyed, and that's down to the combination of Alan Durant's amusing flip-switch on a situation parents know only too well, and also down to Ross Collins' brilliant and detailed artwork.

Just don't have daymares, OK?

Charlotte's best bit: The children's faces in the spread-panel towards the end! VERY funny!

Daddy's favourite bit: Poor Daddy Monster trying every trick in the book to get Billy to snuggle down and sleep (been there, done that!)