Thursday, January 17, 2013

Celia Bryce, Author of "Anthem for Jackson Dawes" embarking on Blog Tour and Virtual Writing Workshops for Bloomsbury in January

ReadItDaddy likes to keep an eye on what's going on in the exploding YA Market from time to time, so we were pleased to hear from Bloomsbury about Celia Bryce's Blog Tour and Virtual Writing Workshops taking place throughout the rest of January. 

Celia's book 'Anthem for Jackson Dawes' tells the tale of first love, of a charismatic young man on a hospital ward called Jackson Dawes, and those who are drawn to him including Megan Bright, a girl receiving her first treatments for Cancer. 

Uplifting and heartbreaking in equal measure, "Anthem for Jackson Dawes" is available in print and e-book formats from Bloomsbury. 

Please visit the following blog tour list for more on Celia's writing workshops as well as more information on the book. Though these dates have mostly lapsed, there's still time to join in and check out the workshops if you're a budding writer looking to breathe life into their latest book project. 

Monday 14th January - CHARACTER at

Tuesday 15th January - PLOT AND NARRATIVE at

Wednesday 16th January - EMOTION at

Thursday 17th January - SETTING at

Friday 18th January - MAKING IT UNIQUE at

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