Monday 14 January 2013

Creativium engages your child's imagination with a whole virtual paper play theatre on iPad

The lovely folk at Creativium dropped us a note to let us know about their new app for the iPad - Creativium - Paper Theatre, now available from the app store. This low price but content-rich app unleashes a child's imagination with some truly stunning art direction and brilliant animal characters, allowing children to make up their own stories and enjoy discovering through play.

Intuitive controls mean that even from a very early age, children can enjoy the app (as long as you don't mind your iPad getting sticky fingerprints all over it - which we don't!) and save their stories and scenes to show you later on. You can even record a few stories yourself to play back to your children!

Apps like this really make us happy and smiley at Read It Daddy because they allow children to start shaping and controlling the way their stories develop.

Give it a go and also drop by the Creativium site (which is also a bit special!) for more information.

The app is currently live on the app store, and a future update - Mysterious Night - will be introducing more scenes and characters,  available as a free update for current customers later on so get in quick!

We'll be putting together a full review as soon as I've stopped playing it and have let Charlotte have a go :)